National Prayer Focus # 6 US Nuclear Power Plants

Japan's situation raised the value of how important USA nuclear power plants are.

(Preventative medicine)  As Royal Prayer Guards, our prayer focus is to believe God for the protection of all nuclear power plants in the United States.
The United States is home to 104 nuclear power plants, located in 31 states.  Together, these plants generate roughly 20 percent of America’s electricity, or approximately 8.5 percent of its total energy.
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Nuclear power comes from the process of nuclear fission, or the splitting of atoms. The resulting controlled nuclear chain reaction creates heat, which is used to boil water, produce steam, and drive turbines that generate electricity.

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Hebrews 1:14
"Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?" AMP