Understanding Royal Prayer Guard's Focus

Royal Prayer Guards are:

  • An extension of Surefooted Ministries, which is a one-on-one discipleship-training program. 
  • Believers in the body of Christ who choose to be used by God in prayer.
  • Weapons in God’s hand to advance His kingdom.
  • People of prayer strategically operating in the offensive mode more than the defensive mode.

What does a believer do once they opt in as a Royal Prayer Guard (RPG)?

  • Stay healthy in spirit, soul, body, socially and financially.
  • Practice dependability for the kingdom of God.
  • Be ready to receive prayer focuses and news flashes.
  • Maintain normal life responsibilities and at the same time do battle in the spirit realm within assigned prayer targets.

What can a Royal Prayer Guard expect?

  • Receive prayer focuses each month through our e-mail system.
  • Receive news flashes when they come through our e-mail system.
  • Receive suggested prayers.
  • Receive help through Surefooted Ministries once the site is operating.
  • Receive available resources.

Royal Prayer Guard Terminology:

A "Prayer Focus" or "Prayer Target" refers to a specific area Royal Prayer Guards are to direct their prayers. They are used interchangeably.

The term "RPG" refers to a Royal Prayer Guard or Royal Prayer Guards.

A "News Flash" is a RPG notification regarding  an urgent prayer focus.

"WPF" means World Prayer Focus  - Specific Prayer Focus related to world events, situations or climates.

"GPF" means Government Prayer Focus - Focused Prayer needs specifically relating to the political area.

"SPF" means Social Prayer Focus - Prayer needs centered around people and their social interactions.

"NPF" means National Prayer Focus - Prayer focused on national events. situations or climates.

"MEPF" means Middle East Prayer Focus - Targeted areas for prayer in the Middle East region.

Every Royal Prayer Guard member will have access to available resources.

For more watch the "Royal Prayer Guard's" video. Click here