What do we taste like? Is our heart sweet?

Note: Pause as you go if needed to allow the information to penetrate your life. Watch the video more than once. Thank you.

Whenever we go to the grocery store to pick a sweet watermelon it can be a challenging task.

We search for that perfect melon by hitting, thumping, or tapping it several times.

We listen for that certain sound high or low. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

We look at the appearance such as color, certain marks, and so on.

However, when the watermelon is cut open and we taste it (even smell it) the truth is revealed.

If it doesn’t taste that great, we sometimes just put up with it! We might say, “Well, at least it’s cold and juicy!”

Spiritually speaking, likewise for believers. We are like that watermelon.

Watch this video for valuable insights.

Thank you, for watching, learning, and being a practicing disciple of Jesus Christ.

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