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Click here. Resurrection message “Placed”

Click here. The resurrection of Jesus Christ something you might not expect!

Click here. Hope Part 1 "Resurrection!"

Click here. Resurrection Power Results (Part 1)

Click here. Resurrection Power analogies/cell phone_balancing factor 1 and 2 (Part 2)

Click here. Resurrection Power balancing factor 3 and 4 (Part 3)

Click here. Resurrection Power balancing factor 5/Energy/Root/Surface (Part 4)

Click here. Resurrection Power three illustrations with drama for root problems (Part 5)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_The Seed (Part 1)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_The Secret (Part 2)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_The Segments (Part 3)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_Preventative Attitude (Part 4)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_Engrafting_Rhema’s_Boxing (Part 5)

Click here. Attitude Resurrected_Strongest teaching for all Royal Prayer Guards (Part 6)

Click here. "He is not here" Part 1. Something changed my life! 

Click here. "He is not here" Part 2. Who’s on the control panel? 

Click here. "He is not here" Part 3. Are we living in the breach?

Click here. "He is not here" Part 4. Jesus was in a position of no debt! Conclusion.

Three very important videos.

#1 Preach! Salvation and repentance message from Billy Graham. (Mark 16 14-18)
#2 Prayer! Receiving Jesus into our life. (Romans 10:9-10, Acts 4:12) 
Produce! How to build our life as a believer in Christ Jesus. 
(Matthew 28 18-20, 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, Matthew 13:23) (Teach, Build and Produce)



Click here. More about The Perfect Free GIFT!


Click here. How to build your life car analogy