Parental assistance (Links)

Click here. Thought life_Victory in our thought life Part 1 (3 Segments) Plus Parental Recommendations

Click here. Parents_Advice, Instruction, wisdom, and future

Click here. What to do when hurtful words come against you!

Click here. Available training for those desiring to grow in Christ. (Five sessions)

Click here. Pastor Vince Marino shares, what every Christian and parent should hear, apply, and share!

Click here. How to make the distinction between God’s thoughts and bad thoughts with insights…(PDF file)

Click here. Four questions to ask your children to help them in life. (PDF file)

Click here. Mind stabilization for the children in America! They need help!

Click here. The Gender and Identity Assault!

Click here. Do not give up praying for your children or whatever you are praying about.

Click here. Convicting teaching and preview clips! Parents be ready!

Click here. Our Spiritual Compass the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

Here is a short clip from the audio teaching, “He is not here”. Part 3 "Teach the children to fix the breach!"

Click here. “He is not here”. Part 3


Highly recommended! Every father should make the time to sit down (in private if possible) with each of their children and pray for them, with them and equip them in God’s word with regularity.

Parents, it would be wise to train your children while they are young to prevent bad baggage later in life. It will be worth the effort.

Don’t give up on your children or people you are praying for.  Click here. Whole teaching.

Click here. More about this video.

Thank you for desiring to train your children. God is honored!

Click here. New insights for parents and their children.