Moving forward in prayer, authority and power! (RPG video)


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This world is becoming increasingly dangerous!  I am calling on those who can and will pray to sign up as a Royal Prayer Guard. Our goal is to do battle offensively and defensively in the spirit realm!

On behalf of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ please join the other Royal Prayer Guards. Let us all move together in prayer, authority and power against the kingdom darkness. Furthermore, let our heavenly Father know that He can depend on His children to do His will.

Please share this video to those who can and will pray, thank you.

Royal Prayer Guards are active members of the body of Christ. Stirred within to be used as a powerful movement. Bringing change and blessing in all areas of life; World, National, and Social.

Royal Prayer Guards (R.P.G.'s) is a crucial tool in this depraved world. It is more than just a website or an online resource. It is the building of the kingdom of God.  Through R.P.G.'s, God is given glory through each individual's personal commitment. Royal Prayer Guards choose to daily give God their undivided attention.  They are committed to praying, guarding and exercising delegated authority on behalf of the kingdom. R.P.G.'s intercede for the people Jesus died for, through their assigned areas of jurisdiction. (John 17:20)

Join and become a Royal Prayer Guard

Thank you,
Pastor Vince Marino
Surefooted Ministries
Royal Prayer Guards