Insights from Jeff Maynard_Five Character Qualities that Can Be Learned Through Shooting:


Five Character Qualities that Can Be Learned Through Shooting:

Getting involved in shooting sports, on a local level, has been a good thing for our family. 

In a previous article, I showed how shooting provided a fun and challenging venue where all members of the family could obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to safely handle and operate firearms.

I also indicated how it provided a great activity, which we could enjoy together, thus aiding us in creating lasting familial bonds. ("the family that plays together, stays together") 

Knowledge about shooting means to inform or enlighten the understanding, to instill into the mind the fundamental principles of safety and marksmanship. 

However, raw facts and details are not enough. The shooter must be trained to develop skills by which those basic principles are demonstrated through consistent application.  

So, what kind of qualities might we develop through a shooting program?  

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Click here and watch this slow-moving character video #1. This video can serve as a checklist when we are experiencing a trial or difficult situation. In addition, it provides an opportunity to ponder about the character qualities of Jesus Christ.