Discover your motivational gift Videos and Audio clips (Links)

It takes time, energy, and patience to discover your gift. It will be worth the effort!!

Think a moment of a gift you received from your own birthday party. When you received your gift, you opened it up right? You were thankful and happy that someone gave you some attention. (They thought of you)

Well, think about your heavenly Father. He gave you a gift. Do you know what it is? I think it would bring honor to your heavenly Father to give Him some attention and discover your gift. Would you agree? View these videos, materials, and discover, understand, use, and enjoy your gift.

Click here. *Discovering Motivational Gift Quick Version. (Copy, use, and share) 
From Dr. Roy Blizzard (Used with permission)

Click here. *Gifts of Joy and Grace What is your gift? Session 1 Video

Click here. *Motivation Gifts Understand and questions Session 2 Video

Click here. *Discover, Understand and Use your gift Session 3 Video

Click here. *Motivation Gifts more insights Session 4 Video

Click here. *Motivation Gifts instructions to discover and why you cannot Session 5 Video

On the bottom of each page of each video are the following:

Click here. (PDF File) *Personality Traits and The Art of Thinking From Dr. Roy Blizzard (Used with permission)

Click here. (PDF File) *Insights about birth order. From Dr. Roy Blizzard (Used with permission)

Four short audio clips about motivational gifts:

Click here. Clip #1 *Gifts of Joy and Grace/Romans 12:4-8

Click here. Clip #2 *Gifts of Joy and Grace/Overview of the gifts

Click here. Clip #3 *Gifts of Joy and Grace/Seven questions

Click here. Clip #4 *Gifts of Joy and Grace/Categories/Spontaneous/Side tracking

Additional insightful resource!

Click here. How the seven sense perceptors in our bodies, illustrate the seven motivational gifts.

Thank you for desiring to learn and apply God's Word!

*Special acknowledgment to all the ministries and people who have helped me learn about the seven needs, seven gifts and the sense receptors. Specifically, Dr. Roy Blizzard and the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

While the teaching of Spiritual Gifts is not new. This concept was highlighted to me through the material developed by the Institute in Basic Life Principles. In their booklet, "Understanding Spiritual Gifts" the IBLP Ministry asserted several years ago that the gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 were more than a casual grouping of spiritual gifts, ministry gifts and other miscellaneous callings. In the sharing of the material, they saw the need for a “common denominator” that would bind these seven gifts together. The idea of personal motivation was suggested as that “common denominator”.

I am grateful for that insight as it became an encouragement to me to reflect and research deeper into the beautiful depths of the Scriptures.