Gifts of Joy and Grace/Seven questions

See if one of the seven indispensable needs that God wants to meet stands out for you.  Rate them in order of your interest and ability to meet one of the needs.

Pause as needed and examine yourself

___ God wants us to face up to the truth about ourselves and understand the realities of what we are doing.

___ God wants us to pitch in, get the job done, and meet the practical needs as they arise, whatever they may be.

___ God wants us to understand sound doctrine, and be properly taught in the truth of the Word of God. ,

___ God wants us to know how to enter into life abundantly and show forth the life of Jesus in all that we do.

___ God wants us to have sufficient assets to make sure the job gets done and we do not fail in His work. 

___ God wants us to organize our efforts so we do not waste valuable talents and manpower and lose sight of the real goals.

___ God wants us to be loved and encouraged so we do not get hurt and give up serving Him.