Motivation Gifts instructions to discover and why you cannot Session 5 Video


This is an informative video it’s not flashy with special effects. Special effects only go so far.  I do not have the words to express how important this video is.  There are four other videos similar to this one.  These videos reveal who we really are as a person. In addition, all people have at least one of these gifts.  Continue to read if you are curious?

Think a moment about a gift you received from your own birthday party. When you received your gift you opened it up right?  You were thankful and happy that someone actually gave you some attention. (They thought of you)

Well, think about your heavenly Father.  He gave you a gift. Do you know what it is? I think it would bring honor to your heavenly Father to give Him some attention and discover your gift.  Would you agree?  View these videos and discover, understand and use your gift.

I do not know about you but for me, it’s a total blessing knowing my gift.

Open your gift and be thankful and happy that your Father gave you some attention.

I believe that the Father shows worth to His children by giving undivided attention to their life.

There is more information about these gifts. However, there is enough on the five videos to get you started.

If you think these videos are worthy of your attention please share them with others. Thank you!

Listen to this short audio teaching and learn more.

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There are Motivational gifts, Ministry Gifts, and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

There are Personality Traits, The Art of Thinking and the understanding of our birth order.

All these help us understand who and what we are.

These all help us understand others and strengthen our relationships with others.

They also help us respond rather than react.

When we understand and know who and what we are, we can find our place, not just in the body of Christ but in society.

Click here. Meeting the needs of the people through the Three “M’s”.

Click here. (PDF File) Personality Traits and The Art of Thinking (From Bible Scholars used by permission.)

Click here. (PDF File) Insights about birth order.