The Pattern

4 Children 8 Objects Part 3 Duct Tape or Band-Aids Temporary Fix


Summary thus far and some highlights:

1. Be good soil.
2. Till our life.
3. Plow steadily.
4. Scatter seed. (God’s word)
5. Cultivate our life.
6. Keep or guard our life.
7. Keep or guard our garden.
8. Keep or guard His word. (His word will protect our garden)
9. Realize that the Lord God lives within our born-again spirit or garden.
10. Spend some time developing the character qualities of Jesus.
11. This all came to the surface after I asked 4 children to choose 2 objects from my teaching toolbox. (Total of 8 objects)

Duct tape or band-aids equal a temporary fix.

Dictionary definition for the word “Temporary”: lasting for a limited time.

God desires to lead His children from temporary to everlasting.

We cannot continue to rely on temporary methods in our life.

Eventually, these methods will run out. (Short term/ limited time)

We cannot continue to rely on temporary methods to resolve real problems year after year.

Why, because when we get old, we will not have what we need (Strength or capability) to deal with the real problems.

Sometimes people make the decision to live with temporary methods.

They think it is easy. Why not?

Two Main Goals in this teaching.

(Everlasting Source vs. Temporary Methods)

Pursue the everlasting Source for everlasting results.

Destroy the root (Real problem) to avoid temporary methods.

Realize that God never runs out of anything.

Jesus is our everlasting Source. In other words, Jesus has an indestructible life.

Hebrews 7:16 (RSV)
16 who has become a priest, not according to a legal requirement concerning bodily descent but by the power of an indestructible life. (KJV uses “of an endless life”)

There was a person in the Bible that did all she could do physically, but she ran out of options.

She finally went to the everlasting Source.

Continue listening, to the teaching and learn more.

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