Monarch Butterfly Part 1 Four Stages If anyone desires to change here is how









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Part 1

1. Let me give you some background on some of the ways this teaching came into existence.

2. A while ago, I gave a teaching called “Golden Gate Principles”.

3. In the Golden Gate principles teaching, I taught about:

4. Foundation
5. Bridge supports
6. Bridge

7. I gave the spiritual analogies for these areas and eighteen spiritual bridge supports that I considered to be enough to cause the believer to get from one point to the next over the obstacles of this life without getting wiped out in the process.

8. Then I gave another teaching called “Bridge Support #1” which was “Salvation”.

9. It was in that teaching that I said I would teach on four stages on how to build each bridge support. 

10. Turn with me to Romans 12:2. (This was a key verse that lead me to this teaching) Read from page 9-10 in the booklet. (Word searches on Romans 12:2)

11. Let us begin our teaching which is called “Four Stages of The Monarch Butterfly That Can Change Your Life”

12. First, let me give you some information about the Monarch Butterfly.

13. The life cycle of the monarch butterfly has four distinct stages:  egg, caterpillar, pupa, and adult.  

14. Each stage is a separate and distinct living creature.  But it is during the pupa stage that the caterpillar undergoes a radical metamorphosis, which changes it into a butterfly.

15. To receive the most from this teaching we need to memorize some things.
Stage #1 = Egg = Decision
Stage #2 = Caterpillar = Selection
Stage #3 = Pupa = Development
Stage #4 = Adult = Maturity

Let us now take a look at each stage of the Monarch butterfly as it relates to the believer.
(Pages 7-8 in the booklet if you have one)
Original source: Golden Gate Bridge: Wisdom Booklet 53:2925-2932
©Institute in Basic Life Principles. Used with permission.

Original source: Character Sketches Vol 3 Pages 346-350 Monarch Butterfly ©Institute in Basic Life Principles. Used with permission. 

All SFM students please use your H.F.B. to take notes.

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Thank you,
Pastor Vince Marino