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Ever Full of Sap Part 1 Potential energy and Kinetic energy

Part 1

There is no holding back in this teaching. It’s hot and reveals many valuable insights believers need to hear, understand and apply!

This teaching also reveals how Surefooted Ministries and Royal Prayer started!

Keep this in mind! Surefooted Ministries and Royal Prayer Guards are now an all-in-one website!!!!

Psalms 92:12-15
12 The righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13 They are planted in the house of the Lord, they flourish in the courts of our God. 14 They still bring forth fruit in old age, they are ever full of sap and green, 15 to show that the Lord is upright; he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him. RSV

Main principle: “Effective Sap" (Effective Word of God)

Main highlights: Explanation of Potential energy and Kinetic energy!






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