Identity! Understanding who we are in Christ!

This video reveals five areas for those IN Christ Jesus.

(1) Who they are not!

(2) Who they are!

(3) What they have!

(4) Who will help them!

(5) What not to allow!

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With all the different identities in the world, especially through technology, movies…superheroes, and so on, believers in Christ need to understand who they are in Christ Jesus. Otherwise, they will be confused and deceived. 

Do not allow people to identify who you are but rather allow God and His Word to identify who you are. Knowing who you are in Christ, will manifest your worth. 

If believers in Christ know who they are, their behavior will change. What we behold, we will become.

Our goal as believers in Christ is to allow God and His Word to identify us.

We need to discover in the Bible who we are. 

Once we know who we are, we should speak it out loud in faith and really mean it and let others know as well. This takes some effort, but it will manifest protection in many ways.

If we as believers in Christ Jesus do not know who we are, based on the Bible, the devil, who is the father of lies will cause others to identify us. (John 8:44)

If people are not careful and alert, technology along with inaccurate education can control their minds and give them a new identity.

Think of your children, ask them who they are and observe them. You may be surprised when they say "I'm Cinderella" or "I'm a turtle" or one of the many superheroes.

There are many dangerous ways on the internet and in education that attempt to identify people.

Who is controlling you, iPhone's, computers, iPad's, various devices, internet…a person…? 

Do you know who you are in Christ Jesus?

Do your children know who they are in Christ Jesus?

How about the grandchildren, do they know who they are in Christ Jesus?

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