You are a New Person in Christ Jesus! Part 1 Training for those young in the Lord!

This is part 1 training material for those who are born-again and young in the Lord!

Included in these sessions is vital information for spiritual growth!

These sessions include layers of short simple prayers, a little at a time.

1st. Start off with Jesus. Receive your Perfect Free GIFT today! Watch the video.

2nd. The following is a simple prayer you can pray from your heart.

“Dear heavenly Father I ask that You help me become a practicing disciple of Jesus Christ. Also, thank You for helping me always in Jesus name amen.”

3rd. Click here and read everything on the website page. 

4th. Go to the various links on that page to assist you in your new life as a believer in Christ. Choose the links (Subjects) that you need.

 5th. Realize that everything you do, James 1:22 will be essential.

6th. Click here. Learn about James 1:22.

7th. Click here. If you have any questions or in need of prayer, please contact us.

This ends part 1 of the training.

Thank you for desiring to learn,
Pastor Vince Marino

Click here. Part 2.