Jesus came for you! Live a life of victory!


This video reveals at least three valuable treasures:

1. Receive Jesus into your life!

2. Discover what to expect!

3. Learn how to live in victory!

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Content in this video: Be encouraged today and every day, in Jesus' name!

Jesus came for you!

He lived a life without sin!

He provided mankind how to live!

He demonstrated His Father’s will!

There will never be anyone like Him!

He is the Son of God!

He went to the cross for you!

He was crucified for you!

He died for you!

He was buried for you!

He was raised from the dead for you!

He is alive forevermore!

He cannot be destroyed!

Now we can live a life free from sin and guilt!

Be trained in God’s word!

Gather His Word!

Diligently study His Word!

Apply His Word! 

Show His love for others!

Share what God has done in your life!

The Holy Spirit is here right now!

He will help you!

He lives in you if you have received Jesus in your heart!

Receive Jesus today!

Why wait!


There will be temptations!

There will be trials!

There will be challenges!

Realize that Jesus conquered everything that can be conquered!

Jesus will take you through!

Live in Jesus' victory!

Reflect the totality of all that God is!

Go forward and be more than a conqueror!

Exercise self-control!

Fervently Pray!

Be obedient!

Be trustworthy!

Be sincere!

Be kind!

Be gentle!

Be generous!

Be dependable!

Be grateful!

Be humble!

Be loyal!

Be forgiving!

Be compassionate!

Be patient!

Be bold!

Be determined!

Have self-control!

Walk in His wisdom!

Walk in agape love!

Use your faith!

Advance His kingdom!

Glorify God!

Receive Jesus and live for Him


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