Healing Scriptures (Audio) Plus PDF files


Suggestion: To maintain your focus read the entire page first then proceed to the links. Thank you. 

This page is for all those fighting cancer, diseases, sicknesses and symptoms of any type.

I believe that surgeons, doctors, nurses, medicine, technology, and hospitals… are from the Lord! I am very grateful.

I also believe that Jesus is the ultimate Healer and His Word is the ultimate medicine. We can never repay Him for His mercy and what He has done! 

My recommendation is to listen and read the verses a little each day. (In other words, take His medicine) You can make your own copies as well. Limited paper copies available, free of chargerpg_admin@surefootedrpg.org

Be blessed and be healed in Jesus name! Amen!

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(Audio) Healing Scriptures  56 tracks

Compiled by: Pastor Vince Marino

Spoken by: Don Ellsworth

Scriptures on Healing_Contents_56 Tracks (PDF File)

Scriptures on Healing 56 Tracks (PDF File)

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