Fruit 8 Series Surfboard/Wax/Understanding/ Body Surfing/White Waters


Let us review and observe the analogy of surfing so we can understand.

The surfer needs water and waves.

Wave side vs. bayside. (Bayside is heaven) (Wave side is here on earth)

Of course, a surfboard is needed and that equals the word of God.

Note this.  If we do not understand what God is saying, we will not have a surfboard to stand on. 

Why? Because Satan took it away. (Matthew 13:19 and Mark 4:15)

In other words, without the word of God, we will be body surfing. 

A surfer is more likely to drown when body surfing. 

In this analogy body surfing means, doing things in the flesh (Un-renewed mind-Antidote Romans 12:2)

Body surfing verses. (The results of no Manual or the Word of God not rightly divided)

If we do not understand the manual and if we are not connecting to God in prayer, we will end up in the white waters.

Surfboards float and God's word floats.  If we stay attached, we will float above the circumstances.

Two wax verses.

Continue listening, to the teaching and learn more.

Avoid the white waters or the wipeout!

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